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As a professional, it is my duty in serving my clients to be candid with them to help them net the most from the sale of their greatest asset.

There are three major factors that buyers are looking for in their new home.  Location, condition and price. 

Here are a few tips to demonstrate how strategically staging your home will insure that your home sells quickly and at a higher price than homes that are not staged.

1. You have a large collection of books, dolls, chairs, lunch boxes…  What areas can we clear of clutter and or extra furniture?

That antique doll collection over by the window? While it may be your favorite accessory, to most buyers it’s probably a distraction. Too many books on a shelf actually weighs down the room.  Too much furniture makes a room look and feel smaller.

Buyers are going to New Model Homes….they want your home to be just like that!

2. Closets and Drawers…Yes, they look in there.

Buyers are going to be looking in your closets and drawers.  Not to be nosey, but they want to see the storage space and they want to feel how the drawers and doors function. 

Let's keep in mind that you are Pre-Packing and freeing yourself of clutter that you do not want to pack and move.  This is a great time to donate your items to charity.  I'm happy to make suggestions for local charities who need your unwanted items. 

3. Stage from the outside in!

A lot of buyers and sellers are real estate media obsessed (Realtors are too ;-)— addicted to HGTV, Trulia, Houzz, Pinterest or one of the many other shows or sites out there. Expectations are high.

Don't forget to start with the front yard.  I'm a big fan of front doors!  Make it interesting, beautiful and inviting.  Power washing your home and fresh hardware goes a long way.

It doesn’t matter if your home has the biggest master bedroom ever… if the outside paint is peeling, the plants are dead and the grass is over grown weeds….. you’ll have a tough time getting buyers through that unattractive door.

4. Oooooh that smell!

An overwhelming aroma is never a good aroma.  Let's face it.  We've all walked into a home that has an unpleasant "smell" and we couldn't wait to get out of there.  Whether it's the smell of pet puddles, baby bio baggies or the garlic roasted cabbage and boiled eggs that were just prepared… a bad aroma is …bad.  Worse yet is too much potpourri cover up spray. 

Try to keep your home smelling fresh and clean with just a hint of something pleasant. 

Neutralize odors and keep it fresh.

5. Be consistent: Keep the whole house coordinated, in flow, clean and open.

It was so much fun to let the kids pick out their favorite colors and paint their rooms, but now is the time to get back to basics.  A neutral tone throughout the home is the way to go.  This will also create flow and can make the home feel larger.  Add a splash of color with accent pillows, tasteful artwork and decorator pieces. 

6. Spend cash to make cash.

Remember, the cash you spend on staging your home properly will come back to you.  Statistics show that your return is usually triple the amount invested in the staging and  your home will sell quicker!  Isn't that the ultimate goal?

It pays off to invest in a Professional Stager who can provide furniture, accent decor and expert advice on paint, flooring and updated landscaping. I work with a Professional Stager who can do the work for you, even down to packing up your books and extra items for storage during the selling process or arrange for your donation. 

There you have it: agent-approved strategies for staging.

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